A Review of All Memphis & Vancouver Grizzlies Jerseys

A Review of All Memphis & Vancouver Grizzlies Jerseys

The Grizz have donned 21 distinct styles of kits in their history from Vancouver to Memphis, and feature some of the greatest designs to ever be seen on a basketball court. I rank below what I believe to be their best to worst uniforms, whether it be their core jersey editions, their Martin Luther King honorary ensembles, or ABA throwbacks.

#21 Memphis Pros ABA Throwback (2005-2006)

Pros Source: @memgrizz

#20 Vancouver Home (1995-2000)

Home95 Source: Pinterest

#19 City Edition Soul Music Celebration (2020-2021)

CitySoul Source: USA Today Sports

#18 Memphis Association Edition (2018-Present)

Association Source: Joe Murphy, NBAE

#17 Memphis Home (2004-2018)

Home04 Source: Andy Lyons, Getty Images

#16 Memphis Tams ABA Throwback (2011-2012)

Tams Source: USA Today

#15 Memphis Icon Edition (2018-Present)

Icon Source: Michael Reaves, Getty Images

#14 Memphis Away (2004-2018)

Away04 Source: Jason Miller, Getty Images

#13 Memphis Home (2001-2004)

Home01 Source: San Antonio Express-News

#12 Memphis Away (2001-2004)

Away01 Source: Rocky Widner, NBAE

#11 City Edition Main Event (2018-2019)

CityMain Source: The Fanatic

#10 Vancouver Home (2000-2001)

Home00 Source: Jeff Vinnick, Getty Images

#9 City Edition MLK50 Pride (2016-2017)

CityPride Source: USA Today Sports

#8 Vancouver Away (2000-2001)

Away00 Source: Andrew Bernstein, NBAE

#7 Memphis Alternate (2009-2018)

Alternate Source: Hoops Habit

#6 Europe Live Tour (October 11, 2007)

Euro Source: Catherine Steenkeste, NBAE

#5 City Edition GRZNXTGEN (2021-2022)

CityGNG Source: The Commercial Appeal

#4 Memphis Statement Edition (2018-Present)

Statement Source: Abbie Parr, Getty Images

#3 City Edition MLK50 “I Am a Man” (2017-2018)

CityMan Source: Joe Murphy, NBAE

#2 Vancouver Away (1995-2000)

Away95 Source: Blazer’s Edge

#1 Memphis Sounds ABA Throwback (2015-2016)

Sounds Source: Nelson Chenault, USA Today Sports